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Next time when you visit KFC ensure that the meal that is served to you is exactly the same what you ordered. We hope your Chicken is not exchanged with Fried Rat. Because there is a man in California who claimed that KFC has served him RAT. 

What is the whole issue?

Recently a picture posted by a person from California has gone viral because what is depict is really amusing and bizarre at the same time. The person claims that the KFC served him Fried RAT instead of Fried Chicken. 
The more interesting part is that the picture somewhere confirms the same.

Though many hours later an official statement was released by KFC stating the issue as hoax and urged people not to believe in this.

Still prevention is better than cure !! 

A Good news for Ladies. All ladies who are charged for over spending the money will now have a reason to spend it even more. We know it might be a heart breaking news for Gents but it’s TRUE. A decision by US government will give them a reason to Shop till they drop. So ladies find the reason to spend as much dollars as you want below !

Why and What has US Government done ?

19th Amendment passed by congress on June 4 1919 and ratified on August 18 1920 gave all the American women the RIGHT TO VOTE. Moreover this amendment also denied the right the vote on the basis of sex. Further to serve the memorial to the 100th anniversary of this 19th amendment a women is going to be on US 10$ bill. This is the first time that US has decided to put women on the dollar note. This note will be issued in 2020 on the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. (Women’s  Right To Vote)

There are already 10 countries that have face of women on their currency. These are-
  • UK has the face of Queen Elizabeth II
  • Argentina has the face of Eva peron
  • Syria has the face of Queen Zenobia.
  • More such countries are Israel, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, Turkey and Mexico.

Though India has never thought of any such change in their currency notes yet and is still continuing with the photo of Mahatma Gandhi on all their notes. 

Manipur Militant Attack- When and What ?

On 4 JUNE 2015 a group of militants attacked on Indian army troop and killed about 18 soldiers. It was a condemnable act of militants and spread a wave of anger and sorrow throughout the country. As a result Indian Army came up with a proposal to the Govt. of India asking them to grant permission for carrying out an operation against these militants around the India Myanmar Boarder. As soon as the Indian Army got the permissions from the Govt. of India they started off with their operation.

What was the operation all about ?

Few days ago Indian Army carried out an operation in Myanmar (around the India-Myanmar boarder). The objective of the operation was to kill the militants who were becoming a threat for the country and were responsible for the Manipur attack. According to the reports, initially it was a Secret operation but after the accomplishment of the operation, the INDIAN ARMY officials and other Political leaders shared the success story with the country. Sources also revealed that it was a joint operation between India and Myanmar.

Impact of the operation:

This operation made those people think over, who were taking India and Indian Army for granted. It made a clear cut impact on neighboring countries. It also spread the message that India will not tolerate any such type of attacks anymore and will also respond in the same way if required.

At last, Kudos to the Indian Army as these bravos has successfully accomplished the operation and killed about 18 militants.

So today we gonna enlighten you by telling you about the most heated topic of all online forums that is Net Neutrality

The first question that strikes to your mind is - What exactly is Net Neutrality ?

In simple words net neutrality is basically a phase in which all websites and apps run on similar internet platform. Like currently when you recharge your net pack you  can easily surf the internet and run all kinds of apps(i.e WhatsApp, Viber, Skype etc that have voice calling facility too. Also called VoIP) without paying any extra charges, all you need is just a working internet. This is called net neutrality where you can surf all websites, use all kind of apps without paying any extra charges apart from net pack.

NOW you must be thinking - Then from where does the problem arises ?

Recently Airtel made a proposal to the Government Telecom Department for charging extra money for the usage of VoIP(Voice Over IP) apps like WhatsApp, Skype. Viber through which you can even make calls. Though the proposal was rejected by the Telecom Department but the proposal has made a deep impact on the public.

Currently the TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has asked the public regarding this matter till 24th April 2015. You can too send your suggestions/views to TRAI at
If you want to support this Net Neutrality cause you may visit

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